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Are you tired of being a number in a large office?


Do you believe that you could be a top performer,
with the right mentoring and support?


Are you ready to leverage your true potential as a Realtor?


NOVA Real Estate Services can show you how to exponentially increase your income with less time and effort.  And we provide you with technology, mentoring and additional income streams you wonít find at other Orange County real estate offices.

NOVA is the only real estate agency that gives you proven performance-enhancement coaching and technology from the #1 technology training company in the country. Our time-saving system automates prospecting, correspondence, transaction and follow-up, to boost your productivity and increase your sales.

At NOVA, youíll develop your real estate skills and learn how to leverage your true potential through NOVAís on-going mentoring programóled by a top 1% OC Realtor with 23 years of industry experience. Youíll expand your earnings with additional income streams from in-house loans and our unique repeat business program.  And youíll enjoy the best net income in Orange County with 90/10 commission splits and minimal costs. 

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