You Are the Star:

Helping You Become a Better Realtor


The Star is at the center of the NOVA logo for a reason: Everything we do is all about you—the agent.  To help you realize your true potential as a Realtor. 


NOVA is dedicated to turning real estate agents into Stars…

And Star Agents into Superstars.


NOVA is designed by 1% top agents to be a place that nurtures exceptional performance.  Providing you with coaching, mentoring, training, skills and knowledge.  Showing you how to exponentially increase your income with less time and effort.  Giving you additional income streams to leverage.


In short, helping you become a better Realtor…

And actually enjoy it along the way.


NOVA was founded on the idea that Realtors can only realize their full potential in an environment where Honesty, Integrity and Respect are more than just lip service.  They’re practiced every day and reflected in everything that we do—for our agents, our clients and our company.