Your Bill of Rights:

What You Can Expect From NOVA

Because NOVA is a real estate company designed by agents for agents, you have certain inalienable rights as a NOVA Star Agent.  We feel so strongly about the rights of our agents that they form the core of our company philosophy.

• You have the right to higher commissions.

At NOVA, you’ll get a 90/10 commission split from the day you walk in the door—no matter what your level of productivity is, or what time of year it is.

• You have the right to loan commissions.

You have the option to earn money from loan commissions two ways. You can handle the loan yourself and match the right product with your client’s needs to earn a 0.5% commission.  Or you can simply refer the loan to our on-site loan processor for a referral fee of $375, which will be applied to offset one month of desk fees.

• You have the right to recruitment commissions.

For every agent you bring to NOVA, we will pay you 1% of their gross commissions for as long as you are both agents with NOVA.

• You have the right to prompt payment.

You will receive payment for your sales and loan commissions at the close of escrow.  You will be paid recruitment commissions on any referred agents’ sales within one week of close of escrow.

• You have the right to expert mentoring.

At NOVA, you will receive expert mentoring from a top 1% real estate agent who will be your manager and on-site mentor.  You will receive mentoring on loans from an experienced loan broker with over 28 years of experience.

• You have the right to on-site loan support.

You’ll have the support of a loan officer with over 28 years of industry experience, as well as the support of an on-site loan processor, who will assist you with completing the necessary paperwork.

• You have the right to state-of-the-art technology.

NOVA provides workstations, high-speed internet connections and up-to-date support technology including software, dedicated voicemail, fax, scanners and color printers. You will be provided with specialized real estate productivity and customer relationship management software, letter marketing software and your own personalized agent web site.

• You have the right to coaching on technology.

You’ll get on-going coaching on how to use your contact management software, to increase your productivity and customer relationship management skills.

• You have the right to control your own marketing.

As a NOVA agent, you will have the option to participate in marketing and advertising initiatives through and with the support of NOVA.  These initiatives will be specifically designed to generate qualified traffic to you and your properties.  You will never be asked to foot the bill for generic institutional marketing of NOVA.

<• You have the right to be treated with respect. 

NOVA is a respectful environment where you will be treated with respect by NOVA management, NOVA support personnel and your fellow agents.

• You have the right to fair treatment.

All agents are treated in a fair manner as equals, regardless of productivity.  All sales leads for agents will be distributed in a fair and equal manner.

• You have the right to be in an ethical environment.

NOVA is an ethical environment.  This high standard of ethics is at the core of our philosophy and we are dedicated to the idea that all of our agents, employees and clients be treated in an ethical way.

• You have the right to immediate answers.

For answers to questions or resolution of disputes, the buck stops here—not at some remote corporate office.  You’ll get immediate, fair and ethical answers and resolution.

• You have the right to be a Star.

You have the right to expect us to be as passionate about your success as you are. At NOVA, we support your goal of realizing your true potential… to be a Star and shine as brightly as you desire.