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As a NOVA Star Agent you’ll enjoy the best net income in Orange County, with 90/10 commission splits, minimal desk fees and multiple opportunities for additional income through loans and recruitment. 

You’ll start making more money the second you sign on with NOVA.  And with our proven program to increase sales, you’ll make better money on a higher volume of sales—and additional money on the back end with loans.

We invite you to compare your current net income specs with any of the examples we use for commissions on real estate sales, loans and recruitment.  The numbers tell the whole story:  with NOVA, you will take home more money.

Real Estate Commissions   A 90/10 real estate commission split
Loan Commissions   For referrals and servicing the process
Recruitment Commissions   % of recruited agent’s commissions
Minimal Desk Fees   Low Desk Fees that are easy to offset