Your Loan Origination Mentor:

Helping You Expand Your Income with Loans

NOVA Star Agents have an extra advantage on creating additional revenue streams:  their own personal loan origination mentor, Chuck Leibold.  With 28 years of experience as a loan officer, Chuck has trained and mentored hundreds of loan originators for companies across the country.

Chuck understands the loan process and knows how to make it easy and accessible for real estate agents.  In classes and through one-on-one mentoring, Chuck will help NOVA Star Agents learn how to generate additional loan origination revenue in two ways:

  • Basic Loan Origination Revenue, where the agent earns a flat fee by:

    • Generating the leads

    • Helping the clients fill out loan applications for submission

  • Advanced Loan Origination Revenue, where the agent earns a percentage commission by:

    • Generating the leads

    • Finding the right loan product to match the clients’ needs

    • Helping to manage the loan process from start through closing.

Chuck Leibold
Loan Origination Mentor
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