Chuck Leibold

Loan Origination Mentor 

Chuck is President of La Paz Mortgage / South Coast Mortgage Group, a full-service retail mortgage lending company for both residential and commercial real estate.  Over the last 20 years Chuck has led the company, which specializes in private placement of first and second trust deeds and loan processing.  

Working his way through college as a real estate agent for Mission Viejo Realty, Chuck graduated from UCIís certified financial planning degree program.  He spent several years touring the U.S. and internationally as a motivational speaker on self-improvement, self-realization, assertiveness training and sales training.

After founding his own mortgage company, Chuck lectured throughout the U.S. on loan origination.  Hired by banks and saving and loan institutions to train their loan personnel, Chuck has mentored hundreds of successful loan originators and helped them realize exceptional productivity and success.