Generous Real Estate Commissions:

Regardless of Time of Year and Performance

At NOVA, you’ll enjoy a generous 90/10 split on real estate commissions from the minute you walk in the door, all year-round.  Unlike many agencies, NOVA doesn’t “reset the clock” at the beginning of the year and require a minimum level of performance before paying high commission splits.  We believe that the way to encourage exceptional performance is to reward it—every day.

At NOVA, we are dedicated to creating a fair, ethical and friendly environment where agents are motivated to perform their best, not to be in competition with each other.  So all NOVA Star Agents make the same commission split, for as long as they are with us.  And when you combine the high commissions with minimal desk fees, you’ll see why we can say that NOVA offers the best net income in Orange County.

Here’s a quick example of the sale of a $500,000 home:

$ 15,000

  3% Gross Commission

  - 1,500


 NOVA’s 10% Split

$ 13,500


Agent’s Gross Commission

The $375 monthly desk fees are easy to offset with our in-house loan program and recruitment commissions, so you can make even more money immediately!