Specialized Real Estate Contact Management Software:

Integrated Power to Manage Your Clients and Prospects 

Having and effectively utilizing technology is an essential key to enhancing your performance and increasing your income.  As a NOVA Star Agent, your coach will help you assess the technology you currently have and help you improve your productivity, as well as save time with it. 

To boost the power of your current technology, we’ll provide you with an industry-leading technology tool: specialized real estate contact management software.  Your coach will teach you how to leverage this powerful contact management software to get the results you want.  With your coach’s guidance and support, you’ll build your database to at least 2,000 people.  You’ll learn how to use the software to maintain regular contact with your database of clientele and how to generate new leads and sales with it. 

Most importantly, your coach will show you how to integrate all of your technology with your contact management software, to save time and increase your effectiveness with every action you take.