Insider Refund Strategies:

A Tax-Saver Program to Help You Recoup Refunds

Weíve all heard the old saying about real wealth:  Itís not how much you make, itís how much you keep.  Real estate agents typically donít know how to get the maximum tax breaks. 

As a NOVA Star Agent, we provide you with the Insider Refund Strategies (IRS) Tax Saver Program that performs two ways:  it recoups ďlostĒ refund money from the last three years and it saves you money in the current tax year and in every year moving forward.

The IRS Tax Saver Program reviews your last three years of tax returns and determines if you have left anything on the table.  We find that 60% of all agents have missed money that they are entitled to by law.  They recouped an average of $6,000 in the form of uncollected refunds.  The Program also provides you with a year of unlimited resource coaching with a specialized tax accountant, who will show you how to organize your business and finances to reduce your taxes.  The average result?  Reduced taxes by at least $5,000 per year.