Your Real Estate Mentor:

As Passionate about Your Success as You Are

One of the biggest advantages you’ll have as a NOVA agent is a top 1% OC Agent as your personal real estate mentor, Harry Solomon.  With over 23 years of real estate experience selling more than 1,600 listings, Harry knows what it takes to become a Star performer in Orange County.

As your mentor, Harry will schedule regular one-on-one sessions to help you establish your goals, assess your progress and enhance your performance.  Harry will have on-site presence during normal business hours, so he’ll be available whenever you need a “Go To Guy” for questions and concerns.  And whenever you need support on an appointment in the field, Harry will be there to lend his expertise to your situation, as a non-competing manager / owner.

For NOVA Star Agents who wish to attend, Harry will be teaching regular classes on subjects designed to enhance agent performance, increase skills and generate additional income.  NOVA Star classes will include relevant topics, such as “First Time Buyers,” How to Market Listings,” “The Escrow Process,” and “Title Insurance.”

Harry Solomon
Real Estate Sales Mentor
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