Letter Marketing Software:

Generating and Maintaining Profitable Clients

The right marketing tools are the key to generating new clients without spending all day long in the car and on the phone.  As a NOVA Star Agent, Letter Marketing is one of the ways your coach will help you generate new leads and build your database.  The TechVantage Letter Marketing System is a software package of 600 professional business letters that will allow you to customize and correspond professionally in seconds, instead of minutes and hours.

The Letter Marketing Software is integrated with your contact management software database.  Your coach will show you how to use the software to stay in front of 2,000+ contacts… to remind them of your commitment to service, your concern for their well-being and your ability to act quickly. 

Satisfied clients are a continual source of “residual income.”  So this unique program shows you how to quickly and easily maintain the right type of on-going contact with your clients, to generate repeat business and referrals.